Meet Science: Force and Motion

Meet Science: Force and Motion released!
Various physical phenomenon of force and motion you can meet in everyday life is introduced. Learn about physics with
fun animations, experiment videos, glossary and get closer by playing mini-games

Category : Education
Released : Sep 03, 2015
Requires : iOS 6.0 or later
Seller : NCSOFT
Recommended Ages: 9–11
“Meet Science: Force and Motion helps kids approach scientific topics in a fun way”
– Geeks with Juniors

Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’

– Watch the stories about Force and Motion narrated by friendly animated characters and check what you’ve learned through quizzes.

– Arouse scientific curiosities with experiment videos to experience physical phenomenon that occurs everyday lives.

– Illustrated glossary and fun mini-games will help you understand the principle of Force and Motion.


• Learn

– Watch comprehensive educational animations about the core concepts of motion, reference point, speed, types of forces, inertia, action and reaction and more.

– Review the topics through OX, word quizzes and experiments related to each topic.

• Experiments

– Watch 18 experiment videos to find out how to make a water-powered rocket, how the shape of water changes when the centrifugal force is applied and more.

– Neatly organized summary notes will help you comprehend the experiments even better.

• Glossary

– Grasp the meaning of each word and find your favorite scientist with well-illustrated images.

– Shoot to Pick!: Measure the direction and magnitude of the squirrels and shoot to pick up the acorns.

– Drive to Catch!: Compare and choose the fastest speed to catch the thieves.

– Quiz game: Solve quizzes based on what you’ve learned.

• Mini Games

– Connect to Ring!: Use various machine cards to connect and roll the ball to ring the bell.

– Throw to Pack!: Adjust the angle and distance of the lever to throw the candies into the pockets.

– Fly to Goal!: Fly the hot-air balloon to dodge the obstacles and go to the goal.

– Quiz game: Solve quizzes based on what you’ve learned.