Meet the Insects: Village Edition

The second app of our planned insect encyclopedia series primarily focuses on insects that live around the village. What is your favorite insect? Butterflies? Lady bugs? or Grasshoppers?

Category : Education
Released : Oct 30, 2015
Requires : iOS 5.1.1 or later
Seller : NCSOFT
Recommended Ages: Made for Ages 9–11
+ ‘Parent’s Choice Award 2013’ Gold Award Winner
+ Featured in Apple Korea’s iPad Commercial ‘Alive’
NC iactionbook is back with its 2nd app of ‘Meet the Insects’ encyclopedia series!
“Featured as one of the best iPad apps of the week by the Guardian”
“I have learned a lot from listening and watching Insect Story, with very good, clear and concise narration. I was simply blown away by how much information has been delivered this way.” – 148Apps
“This app is a jackpot for children who either love bugs or simply have the desire to learn more.” – the iPhone Mom
“4.5/5.0!! High quality photos and videos, comprehension quizzes, journal encourages the student to study insects in the real world” – the iMum
“Perfect for all types of learners as it presents info in a variety of ways that will keep children engaged and excited to learn, something parents will certainly appreciate” – Editor’s Choice by Best Apps for Kids
“This is sure to capture the imaginations of all budding entomologists!” – Apps Playground

Tips to become an insect expert

1. Take a listen to all the audio-narrated insect descriptions and video commentaries!

2. While switching back and forth from day and night mode, touch and tap all the insects near the village to watch them wiggle.

3. Cicadas? Files? Ladybugs? Grasshoppers? Choose your favorite insects and meet them through close-up videos and mind-blowing photos.

4. How do grasshoppers and cicadas produce sounds? Watch and interact with the animation as it takes you into the world of insects.

5. Why do flies keep rubbing their legs? Get ready to dive into a handful of interesting facts of each insect with eye-catching illustrations.

6. If you think you are done with the encyclopedia, it’s time for the OX and Photo quiz!

7. Once you find an insect around your house to start the observation journal, you are now the real insect expert!

Meet other insects through different encyclopedia series

– Followed by the first Forest Edition, Meet the Insects: Village Edition, the second app of our planned insect encyclopedia series, primarily focuses on insects that live around the village.

– We will soon be coming back with variety of different insects…so keep checking back with us for more exciting upcoming titles!

All the information in Meet the Insects: Village Edition is provided by National Science Museum of Korea.