Meet the Insects: Water & Grass

Edition Enjoy the last edition of ‘Meet the Insects’ with captivating photos and videos of insects living in water and grass. All scripts are fully audio narrated and kids can review what they have learned through OX and photo quizzes.

Category : Education
Released : Oct 30, 2015
Requires : iOS 5.1.1 or later
Seller : NCSOFT
Recommended Ages: Made for Ages 9–11
++ Korea Appstore’s App of the Year 2013! ++
+ Featured as New & Noteworthy in 38 countries!!
AppoLearning —
“the whole Meet Insects series earns the appoLearning Seal of Approval! Right from the home screen the quality and production value of this app is evident..The whole package is very slick.”
Smart Apps for Kids ‘Top Pick’ and ‘5-star app’ —
“The content is so complete and professional, I find it to be a must-have app for teachers and parents of little science and nature lovers.”
Fun Educational Apps’ Top Pick —
“The photography and videography used in all the Meet the Insects apps is phenomenal. It looks so realistic that my cat tried to take a swipe at a water bug crawling across the screen of my iPad.”
Geeks with Juniors —
“You will learn how insects breathe underwater, how the compound eyes of a dragonfly works, and why beehives have hexagonal shapes. The videos are beautifully designed and well-suited for self-learning purposes.”
The iPad Fan —
“The best part about Meet the Insects is the Observation Journal…It’s done in a very student-centric way that my kids really enjoyed.”

Tips to become an insect expert

1.Touch and tap all the aquatic insects and grass-living insects to make them wiggle.

2.These insects can be found both during the day and night.

3.Listen to all the descriptions and video commentaries narrated by the voice-over artist!

4.Diving Beetles? Bees? Mantises? Dragonflies?

Choose your favorite insects and meet them via close-up videos and photos.

5.Wow, Dragonflies have tens of thousands of eyes?!

Watch and interact with the animation as it takes you into the wondrous world of insects.

6.Have you heard about the Ghost Dragonfly?

Don’t miss out on all the interesting facts of each insect with fun illustrations.

7.If you think you are done with the encyclopedia, it’s time for the OX and Photo quiz!

8.Once you find insects near water and grass and write an observation journal, you are now the real insect expert!

Meet other insects through different encyclopedia series

– The first app of the series, Forest Edition, introduces insects living in a deep forest.

– The second app, Village Edition, primarily focuses on insects that live around the village.

– The third app, Water and Grass Edition, concentrates on insects living in water and grass.