Doodle Math: Numbers

Let’s learn basic number concepts with our Doodle friends!
Kids will build a strong foundation in their number sense through 7 imaginative and inspiring activities.

Category : Education
Released : Nov 02, 2015
Requires : iOS 6.0 or later
Seller : NCSOFT
Recommended Ages: Made for Ages 5 and Under
★Korea Appstore’s App of the Year 2013!★
Doodle Math: Numbers’ is an application that helps young kids to learn basic number concepts as they play with curious little critters! Kids will build a strong foundation in their number sense through 7 imaginative and inspiring activities.

7 creative ways to play with ‘Doodle Math’!

• Read Numbers

Tap, Tap! Touch each number on the clothesline and see how they look and how they are pronounced. Let your kid’s imagination and curiosity grow as our doodles friends appear to show the amount that each number represents.

• Write Numbers

Pop, pop! Trace the numbers by bursting all the colorful pretty bubbles on the sketchbook and count ‘One, two, three’ with doodle friends. Have a blast while popping the bubbles and writing each number.

• Match Numbers and Qunatities

Vroom, vroom! Find the matching pairs by dragging toy trucks, playing cards, and tossing rings on the playground. While playing with the toys, your kids will easily match numbers to the correct quantities.

• Put Things in Order

Look at all those different kinds of magnets on the fridge door that have carrot, cake, pie, and number shapes! Compare what’s big and small, long and short, greater and less, and find what comes first and last…to put them all in order.

• One More or Less

Choo-choo! Count how many doodle friends are on two different trains in the fairy tale book, and find the number that’s one more or less. It’s easy to learn the basic concepts of addition and subtraction!

• Together or Take aways

Honk, honk! Help our friends hop on and off the bus one by one. Learn how numbers are added or split up to become bigger or smaller numbers.

• Jigsaw Puzzle (The bonus activity)

With all the puzzle pieces collected from the other activities, it’s time to complete all six doodle critter puzzles. Go back to the activities if you need to gather more puzzle pieces.

• Tutorials

Tutorial for each activity is available for children to play on their own.