Category : Education
Released : August 17, 2011
Requires : iOS 4.3 or later
Seller : NCSOFT

Introducing Injini Child Development
Game Suite

Injini Child Development Game Suite’s unique collection of games provides exceptional and engaging learning experiences to young children with developmental delays. With 9 feature games, 8 additional mini-games, 9 or more levels for most games, and rich content within each level, Injini offers an exciting panorama for play and a fun way to learn. Whether it’s helping a frog catch bugs, washing dirty pigs or completing patterns and puzzles, each game focuses on fun as the basis for engagement and the development of fundamental skills. Skills practiced fine motor – cause and effect understanding – spatial awareness – memory – differentiation – response inhibition – visual processing – sequencing and more The full suite of Injini games is now available on the Apple AppStore. Contact us to request information on educator volume discounts.

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injini Frog Game

Ribbit, ribbit. Feed the froggie by using your finger to draw a line from the hungry frog’s mouth to a variety of insects. Ladybugs and dragonflies become delectable treats for the frog and a playful exercise of fine motor activity for your toddler. The frog’s hungry moving eyes, the colorful insects and silly sounds help to engage and motivate your child to practice prewriting skills by drawing lines from mouth to food. After the frog is full, a summary screen of all the insects devoured will appear so that you and your young one have an opportunity to count and talk about the many different types of insects.

Developmental Benefits

Fine motor movement practiced in the Injini Frog game helps to develop prewriting skills. Studies on three to six-year-olds have followed their developmental sequence from drawing and scribbling to creating legible letters at an older age. The frog game encourages scribbling and stimulates cause and effect understanding through trial and error (Piaget, 1952).