Category : Education
Released : August 17, 2011
Requires : iOS 4.3 or later
Seller : NCSOFT

Introducing Injini Child Development
Game Suite

Injini Child Development Game Suite’s unique collection of games provides exceptional and engaging learning experiences to young children with developmental delays. With 9 feature games, 8 additional mini-games, 9 or more levels for most games, and rich content within each level, Injini offers an exciting panorama for play and a fun way to learn. Whether it’s helping a frog catch bugs, washing dirty pigs or completing patterns and puzzles, each game focuses on fun as the basis for engagement and the development of fundamental skills. Skills practiced fine motor – cause and effect understanding – spatial awareness – memory – differentiation – response inhibition – visual processing – sequencing and more The full suite of Injini games is now available on the Apple AppStore. Contact us to request information on educator volume discounts.

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injini Balloons Game

Pop! Pop! POP! Do you know who loves popping floating balloons? Jelly, our gum drop friend, that’s who! With your child’s help, Jelly can pop balloons to his heart’s content on a beautiful spring day. The balloons come in a variety of colors and shapes. Jelly thinks of a balloon and your child simply taps to pop the one he wants. Jelly responds in delight by blushing the matching color or shape. As the game progresses the number and speed of the floating balloons increases.

Developmental Benefits

The Balloons game practices visual discrimination, response inhibition, following simple rules and hand-eye coordination. It also uses repetition and reinforcement, which can promote the development of cognitive competence (Stipek & Byler, 1997).