Category : Education
Released : August 17, 2011
Requires : iOS 4.3 or later
Seller : NCSOFT

Introducing Injini Child Development
Game Suite

Injini Child Development Game Suite’s unique collection of games provides exceptional and engaging learning experiences to young children with developmental delays. With 9 feature games, 8 additional mini-games, 9 or more levels for most games, and rich content within each level, Injini offers an exciting panorama for play and a fun way to learn. Whether it’s helping a frog catch bugs, washing dirty pigs or completing patterns and puzzles, each game focuses on fun as the basis for engagement and the development of fundamental skills. Skills practiced fine motor – cause and effect understanding – spatial awareness – memory – differentiation – response inhibition – visual processing – sequencing and more The full suite of Injini games is now available on the Apple AppStore. Contact us to request information on educator volume discounts.

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“As a school based occupational therapist I have not always embraced the use of electronic or computer based programs in my practice. I believe children need to be moving through their environment rather than sitting. However, when I was introduced to the Injini program I tried to have an open mind and evaluate it in order to see if it could benefit my students, especially in the areas of fine motor and visual perceptual skills. After witnessing several children improve in ways they were not improving using my other methods, I became enthusiastic using this approach as part of my program. I have been regularly searching for new apps to assist Injini and I have not found any others that are as effective. I use it in both individual and group settings and my students are always engaged and enthusiastic when using the Injini programs. The students I work with often have fine motor and visual perceptual difficulties and usually avoid these activities so I am thrilled that I have new tools in which to engage them, both academically and creatively. The various programs in Injini are fun, challenging, and are graded in such a way that they can be used with a variety of ages, and levels of developmental delay. Whether you are working with children with disabilities or to help your young child develop in a fun yet challenging manner I strongly recommend the Injini program.”

– David Boniske
Occupational Therapist
Albany Unified School District”

“Injini helps to promote independence for children learning and practicing basic concepts. Rather than the teacher directing, Injini enables students to learn on their own…Errorless learning is so important to students with special needs. They need to learn how to do things right the first time and Injini helps them to do that.”

Martha Schultz, Program Specialist
North Region Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

“Injini is so engaging and provides my kids reasons to communicate and participate together. Communication, taking turns, and sharing are all skills I foster in my class for autistic children and Injini helps me to do that.”

– Karen Bonini, Autism Teacher
Albany Unified School District”

“Injini helps to stimulate learning and is especially supportive to practice skills that special needs children find challenging. It’s exciting to see a child as young as 18 months be able to have success playing Farm as well as more challenging games for the preschoolers.”
– Cindy Dickeson, Program Director
Center for Early Intervention and Deafness
Albany, CA