[Release] Doodle Math: Shapes updated version

Posted on 2015/08/27

Hello. It’s NC iactionbook.

We are pleased to announce that the much loved children’s learning game ‘Doodle Math: Shapes’ is now upgraded with new design!

Let’s see what’s changed.
+ New shape characters and new overall design.
+ Trapezoid and semicircle are added so, now children can learn about 8 shapes.
+ ‘Sea Animals’ theme for the puzzle and ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ fable are added.

※ Please note!
+ Please RESTORE the items when you want to use previously purchased items. More information can be found in HELP.
+ If you have more questions, please send emails to iactionbook@ncsoft.com then we will help you as soon as possible.

We ask a lot of attention for the Doodle Math series~

★ Download ‘Doodle Math: Shapes’ -> Click!