[Review] Meet Science: Light and Sound – Top Picks!

Posted on 2015/02/4

Hello. It’s iactionbook.

Meet science: Light and Sound has been Top Picks by Smart Apps for Kids, Must-have science app!
Here’s some part from the reason they had to pick.

“Meet Science: Light and Sound strikes that perfect harmony between being informative and entertaining.
With four main sections, it is easy for children, parents and teachers to easily navigate and explore this in-depth app.”

They also include the detailed reviews for each four main sections.

• Learning – “There is enough information that students can learn something or help solidify a concept”
• Glossary – “Key words and people found throughout the app are listed in alphabetical order with more than just a simple definition.”
• Experiments – “The video offers natural pausing points for discussion and hypothesis.”
• Mini Games – “These four games are very relevant to light and sound, hoping to up the entertainment value of an app.”

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